Nanyang Bridge Media 2021

About Us

Nanyang Bridge Media is the earliest company to carry out film and television exchanges and cooperation between China and Indonesia. Since 2014, we have been committed to promoting film and television cultural exchanges between the two countries, promoting co-production and co-production cooperation in the film industry of the two countries and copyright trade in film and television plays between the two countries. Its purpose is to help promote China's cultural soft power, help ASEAN countries develop their economies through film and television cooperation, enhance their understanding of China and their cultural identity, and publicize the tourism industry of ASEAN countries.

We contributed to the first Chinese-Indonesian co-production in Bali, Dream of Bali, and the first Chinese Film Masters Lecture and Film Show in Jakarta sponsored by the people. It was the first time that Indonesian brands were introduced into Chinese films and the Indonesian Film Week was commissioned by the Indonesian Consulate in Shanghai.

In the future, we will devote more efforts to the development of film and television cultural exchanges between China and ASEAN countries, including Indonesia, to enhance understanding between China and ASEAN countries, and to help China and ASEAN brands promote and promote in their respective countries.


Our Business

Nanyang Bridge Media started from one small target, promoting Indonesia as shooting destination for movies and TVs, so as to promote Indonesia Tourism, which is how we started production pillar

Along the way, we had bigger dreams and aspired to be the story teller and advocate of Indonesian and Chinese story and brands, therefore we started Licensing and Advertising business pillar

We strived to nurture the synergy among the three business pillars, to help Chinese and Indonesian brands to create better exposure on respective markets, through exchanging of contents and collaborating on production, to bridge the gaps between two markets and two people




Initiated "Chinese Movie overseas production + shooting destination tourism promotion" model for ASEAN market.



Production service for feature film "Island Dreamzzz" - first feature film shoot in Indonesia. Product placement of various brands such as Baidu, Panorama Destination.


Company Culture

The mission of Nanyang Bridge Media is to build a bridge for cultural and economic exchanges between China and ASEAN countries with innovative solutions and quality services. We stick to our mission, and every day we strive to create value for our customers, employees and society. It's just a good company to work with the highest ethical standards, to provide good services and products. We recognize that we must be respected organizations, so we stick to our core values and do the right thing with the right behavior.


Qualification and honor

Because of our unremitting efforts, Nanyang Bridge Media has been praised by customers and partners since its inception. Our core founder, Mr. Gandhi, as an outstanding Indonesian student in China, has been received by Prime Minister Li Keqiang and Prime Minister Liu Yandong.

Leadership recognition is an inspiration to us and a spur to us. Nanyang Bridge Media will continue to strive to promote mutual understanding between the people of China and ASEAN and the cooperation between enterprises.