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'Love Cross Boundary'


Feature film "Boundless Love" is based on a true story happened in Palembang Indonesia, in a power plant invested by Shenhua Group. Chen Chang, an engineer working in the powerplant fell in love with a Batak girl Nova. Boundless love is one of the key projects under the spirit of one belt one road. Production need to be completed within less than 25 days across 3 cities at tight budget. Cultural and language barrier was immense, whereas demand for government and media support is high.

Indonesian government strive to attract foreign production to Indonesia to promote Indonesia tourism and nurture local film industry. BEKRAF (Indonesian Agency of Creative Economy) is entrusted to formulate incentive policies and attract foreign production especially Chinese product, yet lack of understanding of Chinese film industry.


End to end production service provide by Nanyang Bridge and partners to "boundless love" including scripts review, location scouting, production crew staffing, casting, equipment hiring, product placement, PR and GR, project supervision and coordination, release and distribution.

Through "boundless love" project, BEKRAF developed a framework of supports and incentives for foreign productions in Indonesia


Boundless love wrapped on time on budget

Boundless love and Bekraf established strategic partnership and formed a showcase for collaboration between Chinese and Indonesian film industry

Developed close collaboration with municipal government and tourism board of Bandung, Palembang and Jakarta, as well as partnership with private companies such as Jababeka, boosted the brand of Indonesia tourism in China, as well as mutual understanding and partnership between Indonesian and China

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