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'China Theatre - Culture bridge across strait'


Spearheaded by National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA)and China Media Group (CMG), "China Theatre" is indispensable part of cultural exchange programs under "one belt one road" initiative, to promote mutual understanding through exchange of quality TV programs with partner countries along one belt and one road. Reliable local partners are required to oversee the entire process of dubbing and subtitling, promotion and performance monitoring etc.

With the rise of Chinese economy and ever increasing trade between Indonesia and China, Indonesian audience are becoming more and more interested and eager to acquire quality Chinese content but lack of acquisition channel.


Nanyang Bridge Media oversaw the entire China Theatre project and coordinated major activities along the lifecycle of the project, including establishment of partnership between TVRI and China Media Group, program dubbing and subtitle review, promotion activities online and offline

Established a platform for Chinese content provider to match their content supply with demand from Indonesian channels such as TV station and OTT platforms


Completed dubbing and subtitle review on time with satisfactory quality. China Theatre Programs achieve top 3 rating among all programs of similar type. Strengthened collaboration between TVRI and CMG

Achieved positive response and feedback from audience, paved a way for Chinese content to enter Indonesian market in the future and established a business model to nurture synergy between Chinese content and Chinese brands