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'Ignite the passion for Asian Games among young people throughout Asia'


INASGOC wanted to spark the desire of millennial across the Asia to get involved in Asian Games 2018. However the conventional communication channel and method employed by INASGOC are Indonesian centric and inadequate to trigger younger generation's sense of participation and creativity.

Tik Tok gained tremendous popularity among millennial yet was facing public image challenge in Indonesia. Association with high-profile public event is required to boost Tik Tok's image.


Created a series of Tik Tok online official challenges on Tik Tok and Instgram (#Asiangames2018 #NyalakanSemangat #SenamDuls #MeVSAthletes in Indonesian, #アジア競技大会2018 in Japan, #loveandpeacedance in Malaysia and #vietnamcolen in Vietnam) during the course of Asian Games 2018, to promote the main theme #EnergyOfAsia of the Games.

Combining with a series of offline activation events that younger generation can easily accept and relate, such as flashmob,  further drove younger generation's participation to Asian Games. Winner of the online challenges from Indonesia and overseas were invited to Asian Games as special guests to experience the enthusiasm of organizer, athletes and volunteers on Asian Games.


200k+video submission on Tik Tok using # of official challenges
100m+million impressions (views)
10m+engagements (like + share + comments)
TOP 3topics related to the Asian Games for 3 consecutive weeks