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'Imprint 4G upgrade in millennial's mind at 4G speed'


18million TelkomSel - Indonesian largest mobile operator - subscribers, almost 20 percent of its smartphone client base, are using 3G network on 4G enabled smartphones, which cause inferior customer experience and poor brand recognition, due to lack of customer awareness on 4G network availability. TelkomSel is pressed to change the situation especially among millennial, in a fun and memorable way.


A viral marketing campaign conducted for Telkom 4G upgrade #Naikinlevel on Tik Tok, using combination of official challenge, branded stickers, rolling banner, branded song and signature moves on Tik Tok to generate maximum engagement, targeting at over 30 million TikTokers, 40% of which using TelkomSel network

Combined with offline events around the country, #NaikinLevel campaign Tik Tok videos with branded stickers, signature moves and songs further spreaded among young people to create ripple effect for more engagement and participation


200k+video submission on Tik Tok using # of official challenges
100m+impressions (views)
1000m+engagements (like + share + comments)
TOP 3Trending topic among all Asian Games related subjects 3 weeks in a row