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ANTARA | "Boundless Love" berlatar Palembang diputar serentak di China

Salah satu adegan film Boundless Love saat Nova (Putri Ayudya) merayu Chen Chang (Shen Hao) menyanyikan lagu Yue Liang Daibiao Wo De Xing diputar di Poly Theatre Tian'anmen, Beijing, Senin (28/10) mal…
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The Indonesian 34th Trade Expo 2019

The Indonesian Trade Expo 2019 has been held from 16th to 20th October 2019 at ICE BSD by Nanyang Bridge Media, Ministry of Trade, Beijing's Indonesian Embassy. …
Nanyang Bridge Media2021

ANTARA | Nanyang-Bekraf kembali hadirkan lima film Indonesia

Para insan film ASEAN dan China saat pembukaan 'China-ASEAN Film Screening 2019 di Nanning, China, Senin (23/9) (ANTARA/KJRI Guangzhou) Nanyang Bridge Media (NBM) selaku fasilitator seni dan budaya Nu…
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Nanning National Studios hosted the 2019 China-ASEAN Film Festival

The annual ASEAN Expo is about to come, and the craze brought by a "film glory" is also on schedule! It uses the film as a carrier to let you not see Nanning, you can see the ASEAN film blockbuster, a…
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16th China International Film & TV Program Exhibition

The 16th China International Film and TV Program Exhibition has held from September 11-12. The event is hosted by the China Media Group, an organization formed from the me…
Nanyang Bridge Media2021

The 5th Jackie Chan International Action Movie Week

The 5th Jackie Chan International Action Movie Week has been held in Datong, north China's Shanxi Province, from July 21 to 27. The annual Jackie Chan International Acti…