Nanyang Bridge Media 2021

Our Management Team

Gandhi Priambodho


After graduating from University of Indonesia, Faculty of Chinese Literature, Gandhi continued his master's program at Beijing Renmin University in Chinese program of contemporary studies. While studying in Beijing, he founded Indonesia Student Association in China and became the first chairman. After graduating and obtaining his master's degree, Gandhi and his Chinese partner founded Nanyang Bridge Media which aims to strengthen the relationship between Indonesia and China through its culture and trade. Besides being in the business, he is also active in managing organizations that are involved between the two countries; such as China student alumni in Indonesia PERHATI (founder and secretary) and Indonesia China Friendship Association (chief representative of Greater China).

Kim Peixuan


After graduating from School of Computing, National University of Singapore with Honors, Kim worked for 4 years as an IT consultant across 6 countries before taking an MBA with Asia’s top-ranking business school, CEIBS (China Europe International Business School). She then joined Cisco Systems Incorporated, a Fortune 500 company, as an intrapreneur who started and grew strategic new businesses in China. Subsequently she became Project Director of Sun Seven Stars Entertainment & Media Group Limited, one of the biggest private media and investment companies in China owned by Yang Lan. Kim brings with her a wealth of professional experience in general management and business development as well as valuable resources in the media industry, ensuring the operational excellence and scalable growth of Nanyang Bridge.

Nova Tentunata


A double major graduate, Nova holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Communication-and-Journalism and Liberal Arts from Peking University. After 6 years experience of working for some of the most prestigious companies in Beijing (Canon, The People's Daily, Phoenix Television, Antara, Xunbao), she decided to come back to Indonesia in 2013 and started Nanyang Bridge Media. Her extensive experience in journalism and editorial background brings a solid foundation in Advertising and Licensing business development of Nanyang Bridge Media. A diving enthusiast herself is also an active speaker in numerous national Cultural, Economic, Tourism and Film festivals and events.

Our Team

We're a group of dynamic, fun-loving and hardworking marketing professionals. Our in-house team includes strategists, producers, production team, designers, to influencer marketing experts. We strive to give only our best with our expertise and commitment.