6 Equipment You’ll Need to Start Your Own Film

July 28, 2020

Gear & Equipment for film makers are equal to sword & shield for knights. They are filmmakers’ weapons to create something that’s well-received by people, so as a filmmaker we must invest on some of these things.

  1. Camera

    Camera is the most essential tools in filmmaking process and by no mean the most consuming tools out of the other. That are parts that complement it such as the lenses which are also very costly. You must know your budget first, before deciding on which camera you should buy as there are many camera’s types and brands in the market such as Canon, Nikon, Sony etc.

  2. Tripod

    To prevent shaky footage, we need to have a tripod in our arsenal. Furthermore, Tripod usage make us able to use some technic such as panning and tilting. There are many types of tripod such as tripod (three-legged), monopod, rig, slider etc. Each one of them have their own pros and cons.

  3. Microphone

    Camera has its own built-in microphone; however, its quality is often debatable and surely not enough to make a great movie. To be a professional filmmaker, external microphone is always advised to improve your film’s audio quality. Plus, do some research as there are many types of microphone depends on their function. Usually people use shotgun or lavs type microphone for filming.

  4. Lighting

    Usually, extra lighting is all we need to make some high-definition shots. Depending on natural lighting may sometime be suitable with the mood, but we can’t predict the weather or naturally placed lamp. So, this is where external lighting equipment comes to the rescue. Use lighting to get the mood right and sharper footage.

  5. Gimbal

    Helping you to create a smooth, stabilized shots is what Gimbal is made for. Gimbal is one of the most essential tools especially when making film that requires a lot of movement. There’s some renowned gimbal brand in the market such as DJI and Zhiyun

  6. PC & Editing Software

    After you spent times to shoot those footage, we enter the postproduction process. This process requires mid-end PC and suitable editing software. Ensure your PC is powerful enough to edit as editing process requires a lot of time and storage spaces. After all the work you’ve done, you shouldn’t let yourself be frustrated by slow rendering speed or lag just because your PC is not quite powerful enough. Choose editing software that you’re similar and comfortable to work with, some of them are Adobe product (Premiere & After Effect), Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, and this process will be a snap.

Basically, that’s the essential equipment that you need for filmmaking. Stay tune at our website or follow our social media account as we’ll dive deeper to each equipment each week.