Newsletter For Advertising On TikTok No. 2

May 27, 2020


A) Best Practices and Techniques For TikTok Advertising

B) Weekly Selection of Trendy TikTok Ad Videos

C) Weekly Selection of Hot-selling Items on TikTok China

A) Best Practices and Techniques For TikTok Advertising

How to Estimate Your CPA of TikTok In-Feed Ad?

For most of our clients, the cost of advertising on Tiktok is crucial factor in deciding whether to use this platform. Many have been using Facebook or Instagram has the main advertising channel to reach out to customers and getting leads. No matter how appealing TikTok is to the users, or young generation spends hours a day on the App, it is not commercially viable if the CPA is not ideal.

Most commonly, clients will benchmark TikTok cost per acquisition of lead, against that of Facebook. If a client is getting a lead (e.g. form type of contact) for 2 USD in Facebook, he would wish TikTok is at largest doing the same. Whilst it is fair to say the TikTok uses different ways to appeal to a different set of audience, the general idea is that cost is the primary concern and factor for any business decision related to advertising.

In TikTok, we recommend our clients to set up campaigns using conversion as object. This allows a client to gauge precisely how much is the cost for getting a customer. In addition, advertisements with conversion as objectives allow TikTok engines to understand your customer base well and better optimize for you.

For E-commerce clients, leads for sales are the primary goal. We recommend e-commerce clients to use Conversion as the ad campaign objective. The following steps need to be performed, to use TikTok ads to bring customers to you.

1. Prepare a single product landing page with good promotion, e.g. a steep discount, a limited time sale, a luck draw, a free give-away.

2. Set up the Pixel in the landing page, preview it and test it.

3. Make 5 to 10 videos (they can be similar) and make sure the content of the video is tailor-made to the landing page in step one.

For details, please contact our marketing team for a PPT or a call to understand further the details.

Once you set up the advertisement in TikTok, there is a quick and dirty way to estimate (and optimise) your conversion cost (Cost Per Action, e.g. a form submission).

Formula : CPA = CPM/(CTR x CVR)*1000.

  • CPA: Cost per Action
  • CPM: Cost per Mille Exposure
  • CTR: Click Through Rate
  • CVR: Conversion Rate

For instance, if the average cost for CPM of your industry is 50 cents, and the Click Through Rate of your video is 2%, and the Conversion Rate of your landing page is 2.5%, then your CPA of each conversion is about 1 dollar. You can find the CPM, CTR and CVR in your backend of TikTok advertising interface (after opening an account with us). CTR and CVR can be usually tested with your video; and CPM is most of the time stable for an industry – check with other industry players or with our marketing team.

If the CPA cost is not ideal, you can:

  • Optimizing Video and Landing Page to get more effectiveness in CTR (Click through rate) and CVR (Conversion rate). Make a good video and landing page saves you a lot of $$$!
  • Make more than one video (we recommend 5 to 10 video every week) to let the TikTok machine learning process help you to test, which one is the best performing one, and increase ad budget on this one (increase price of duplicate this ad/ad group).
  • Change your landing page for different promotions to appeal to customers.

Your CPA will be naturally improved if the TikTok AI learns about your product. This happens after 3 days of putting up your first advertisement video and have sufficient budget to run it. Continuous improvements will yield amazing results for your advertisements and so do start early.

In our future articles, we will address other issues you might be concerned of: 1) what are the common mistakes for having my advertisement disapproved; 2) Why my TikTok videos have no traffic after the first day? Follow our newsletters to learn more about TikTok advertising.

B) Weekly Selection of Trendy TikTok Ad Videos

1. Oolong Tea Bags

Video Link
AnalysisA story type video, promoting Oolong tea bags. Tea bags are common products that are hard to market unless you have a brand. So this video made a funny story to attract attention of the audience. A rich granny is worried about her granddaughter not getting married. In a fancy portrait of her extravaganza lifestyle, the granny mentioned a special Oolong tea bag which is her daily essential. As the tea bags ran out, she orders a handsome guy to deliver and her granddaughter fell in love with the delivery guy. Whilst the whole story was fast-paced, it slowed down when it came to the features of the advertised Oolong tea bags, and the audience’ attention were well caught.

2. 3D Effect Lights

Video Link
AnalysisYes just normal crayons for kids to doodle and how can you illustrate it with video? This video sets up a game played by grandma and kid. One doodles, the other person changes. The drawing in the video is of course, professional, to make the video appealing, so as to make the video go viral with comments and shares

3. Apparels

Video Link
AnalysisThe video started with a coverage page question: “which set of clothes do you think you will ask your boyfriend to buy for you?” And then it displays 4 sets of choices. Since Tiktok is mainly of young people, putting a real question relevant to them might be a good way to do marketing and get viral as well.

4. Eye Cream

Video Link
AnalysisThe easiest and most common way to make a video about a product that has luxury feel – just put it in an environment of other luxury goods, like this video. No explanation at all of what it is, except for the character Eye-Cream and its brand, and it delivers a sale over 20k orders – of course, with a comprehensive and persuading landing page. 

5. Facial Cream

Video Link
AnalysisThe long video is a mini story. The plot is about a young couple quarrelling, the guy complaining his girlfriend taking too long to dress up. And then they decided to switch character for a week. The ending is that the guy understood it is important for girls to take well care of themselves – and discovered a lot of amazing skincare products like the feature facial cream. Product highlights like smooth, non-alcoholic, not-expensive, are all contained in the dialogues of the mini-story. This story ad drove sales to over 17000 orders in a week.   

C) Weekly Selection of Hot-selling Items on TikTok China

Please contact our marketing team if you are interested in making bulk purchase of any of the below items. We can also make customized research for your product category.

1. Removable Finger Nail Paint/Sticker

Retail Price105k IDR
DescriptionFinger nail stickers set, removable and replacable, easy to clean
Sales ChannelTiktok
Weekly Views742k views
Weekly Sales2837 orders
Weekly Revenue296m IDR
Video Link

2. Automatic Noodle Maker

Retail Price823k IDR
DescriptionAutomatically make noodles at home. A variety of design and tastes!
Sales ChannelTiktok
Weekly Views478k views
Weekly Sales1519 orders
Weekly Revenue1,262m IDR
Video Link

3. Eyelash Tool Set

Retail Price330k IDR
DescriptionA comprehensive tool set for making eyelashes beautiful.
Sales ChannelTiktok
Weekly Views209k views
Weekly Sales8581 orders
Weekly Revenue2,830m IDR
Video Link

4. Garlic Cutter

Retail Price63k IDR
DescriptionA bottle-shaped device that helps you to cut garlic or chilli easily
Sales ChannelTiktok
Weekly Views190k views
Weekly Sales6589 orders
Weekly Revenue412m IDR
Video Link

5. Automatic Stirring Magnetic Cup

Retail Price81k IDR
DescriptionAutomatically stirs your coffee and magnetify the drink.
Sales ChannelTiktok
Weekly Views242k views
Weekly Sales5922 orders
Weekly Revenue483m IDR
Video Link

6. Retro-Style Lipstick

Retail Price83k IDR
DescriptionA lipstick that can be applied by an old-fashioned way.
Sales ChannelTiktok
Weekly Views353k views
Weekly Sales2880 orders
Weekly Revenue240m IDR
Video Link

7. 8-Shape Exercise Pull Rope

Retail Price40k IDR
DescriptionElastic pulling rope for multi-purpose exercise at home or gym.
Sales ChannelTaobao
Weekly Views229k views
Weekly Sales17000 orders
Weekly Revenue675m IDR
Video Link

8. Lip Gloss

Retail Price126k IDR
DescriptionLip gloss for students or office ladies.
Sales ChannelTaobao
Weekly Views319k views
Weekly Sales20000 orders
Weekly Revenue2,506m IDR
Video Link

9. Multi-purpose Facial Massager

Retail Price581k IDR
DescriptionFacial massager that can be used with facial masks or just for massage or cleaning.
Sales ChannelTaobao
Weekly Views247k views
Weekly Sales11000 orders
Weekly Revenue6,385m IDR
Video Link

10. Washable Kitchen Paper

Retail Price14k IDR
DescriptionHigh quality kitchen paper that can be washed like cloth and reused.
Sales ChannelTaobao
Weekly Views542k views
Weekly Sales11000 orders
Weekly Revenue149m IDR
Video Link

11. Solid Perfume for Men

Retail Price188k IDR
DescriptionPortable solid perfume for men in the size of a lighter.
Sales ChannelTaobao
Weekly Views177k views
Weekly Sales15000 orders
Weekly Revenue2,819m IDR
Video Link

12. Electric Lunch Box

Retail Price291k IDR
DescriptionCute lunch box with eletric plug for heating and light cooking.
Sales ChannelTaobao
Weekly Views111k views
Weekly Sales4918 orders
Weekly Revenue1,427m IDR
Video Link