I Love My Family «我爱我家» (1993)

Category: TV Drama
Episode: 120
Length: 30'

Language: Chinese

In the 1990s, in the ordinary living area of ​​old Beijing, the ordinary old Jia family lived. The head of the family Fu Ming (Wen Xingyu) is an old cadre who has participated in the revolution. After retirement, the official position remains undiminished. However, today, when the commodity society is rising, his words and deeds are somewhat out of place and ridiculous. The eldest son of an agency, Jia Zhiguo (Yang Lixin) and his wife, Peace (Song Dandan), who works in the Quyi Group, raise a lovely daughter Yuan Guan (Guan Ling ornaments), plus the second son Zhi Xin (Liang Tian ornaments) who is not doing business. The small nanny (Shen Chang), who often makes a situation, has a story of a hilarious and cute story in this busy family. Their emotions and sorrows are usually visible. It is the true reflection of every Chinese living this ancient land....This film is China’s first sitcom.

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