Sweet Combat «甜蜜暴击» (2018)

Category: Comedy / Romance
Rating: 6.4
Douban Rating: 2.7
Target Age: 16-49
Episode: 37
Length: 45'

Language: Chinese Dubbing+Chinese Subtitle

Juvenile Tomorrow (Luhan) has been working for three years because of his poor family. After social tempering, he became more tough. After returning to school, I will apply for a high-level scholarship to the regular university sports academy. He will be reported as a “zero-based” freshman, and will be discovered by Fang Yu, who is ranked first in the regular league, and the two are in the process of learning from each other. I found out that I was in love with each other and slowly came together. Tomorrow, with the help of everyone, overcome a series of difficulties and setbacks, and eventually grow into a fighting master with a sense of justice. Fang Yu (Guan Xiaoyu) is the eldest daughter of the Fangshi Group. She grew up as an heir and has always been wearing short-haired pants. Due to his great enthusiasm for fighting, Fang Yu, regardless of his family's opposition, applied for the regular university sports academy. At the age of 18, he won the regular league championship and became a veritable fighting queen.

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