One-Stop Production Service in Indonesia

Nanyang Bridge Media manages all aspects of production in Indonesia. With vast experience accumulated through working with international teams across all fields of production including, film, TV and music videos, events to name a few, we are well equipped to provide end-to-end services for international productions in Indonesia, from development all the way through to release and distribution. We pride ourselves in developing long-term relationships with our clients, delivering work above and beyond expectations. Our approach is realistic, honest and respectful. Our service is personal and our process seamless as our growing portfolio of loyal clientele bears witness to. We look forward to working with you.


The look of Indonesia

Indonesia sits on the crossing of multiple civilizations. It's a country rich in diversity, home to numerous different ethnic groups, languages and religions. Indonesia also offers a wide range of different scenic destinations across more than 17000 islands, featuring dramatic and beautiful landscapes, exotic founa and flora. With our in-house, experienced location scouts and local partners, we will help you find exactly what your production requires. We offer a complete service package: organizing permits, managing transportation and accommodations, and meeting your every need, whether shooting in the busy backstreets of Jakarta, or in the tranquil paddy field of Bali, over the roaring volcano or under the blue ocean.


Tax breaks / incentives

For a very long period of time, there was no official filming incentives in place in Indonesia. Nonetheless, the Indonesian government agencies, especially Ministry of Tourism, in spirit, have been very supportive of the film industry. There are both public and private interests involved in the development of films here with Indonesia having a substantial film industry and healthy investment culture. Since the establishing of Indonesian Agency of Creative Economy (Badan Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia - Bekraf), countless efforts have been spent to formulate official supportive measures to nurture the domestic film production industry and attract foreign production to Indonesia. Now 5 municipal governments have come onboard to the program spearheaded by Bekraf and started offering official incentives to foreign production in Indonesian. Please refer to the whitepaper jointly developed by Bekraf, Badan Perfilman Indonesia (BPI) and Nanyang Bridge Media for more details about the exact incentives offered to foreign productions in Indonesia.


Our portfolio

Since the inception of Nanyang Bridge Media, we have successfully assisted many international productions' filming in Indonesia, covering from development to production, financing to product placement, promotion and finally to release.