Nanyang Bridge Media


Bridging China and Southeast Asia

Nanyang Bridge Media is the earliest company to carry out film and television exchanges and cooperation between China and Indonesia.

Our Vision

We envision a positive synergy and an enhanced understanding between China and ASEAN countries.

Our Mission


Advocate cultural exchange through content and production collaboration between China and ASEAN countries, including Indonesia.


Promote China and ASEAN brands in their respective countries by nurturing the synergy among our three business pillars: Production, Licensing and Advertising.

Our Business Pillars

Full Range Marketing

We offer a one-stop service for all your content that needs to be locally optimized and strategized. From ideation, designing to executing and evaluating, Nanyang Bridge Media is your go-to partner for a fully integrated marketing service.

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With our connections and deep understanding in the China and ASEAN context, we are your strategic partner for your content distribution and promotion across the region.

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Since 2014, we are the pioneer of China production services in Indonesia. We are offering you our professional experiences and expertise to be your one-stop production service.

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Connect and Influence

Focusing on building relationships and producing long-lasting impact, Nanyang Bridge Media values transparency, efficiency and professionalism.


Nanyang Bridge Media started from one small target, promoting Indonesia as a shooting destination for movies and TVs, (our production pillar). Along the way, we had bigger dreams and aspired to be the storyteller and advocate of Indonesian and Chinese story and brands, therefore we started Licensing and Advertising business pillar.


Initiated "Chinese Movie overseas production + shooting destination tourism promotion" model for ASEAN market.


Production service for feature film "Island Dreamzzz" - first feature film shoot in Indonesia. Product placement of various brands such as Baidu, Panorama Destination.


Initiated licensing + brand content marketing business model, conducted marketing promotion activities for Alibaba based on Alibaba official documentary "Dream Maker".


Production for 2nd feature film "Boundless Love", strategic collaboration with Indonesian Creative Economy Agency.


Ventured into influencer marketing domain and conducted digital marketing for short-form video platform such as Tik Tok.


Collaborated with numerous Chinese Content partners & Indonesian filmmakers to synergize film licensing & distribution cooperation between the 2 countries.


Won Marketing “Top 10 Chinese Company Internationalization Success Cases" Award for creating the best performing TikTok Hashtag Challenges.


Produced the very first TikTok E-commerce live streaming event.
- Secured China’s biggest OTT platform as long-term client and media partner


Lots of love from our Customers


We build a rich resource pool and develop solid footprint on our three business pillars

Our Clients and Partners

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