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Indonesia Market Outlook

The growth of the Indonesian film industry has been increasing steadily, as the number of domestic film production and number of viewers keep reaching all-time highs. A teenage romance movie, Dilan, was able to draw 6.3 million viewers in 2018, staying on the cinema screens for more than a month. Indonesia’s demand for local films is evident, causing investments in the local film industry to inevitably follow.

However, the development and growth of the national film industry has not been optimized to meet the market demand. Only around 0.16% of Indonesia’s GDP was contributed to the film industry in 2015. Meanwhile, the average creative industry sector was able to contribute 6.03% of Indonesia’s GDP.



Film Production Incentives

The national film industry will thrive if its market share increases. The Ministry of Education and Culture sees this opportunity and has made a target for national films to control 50% of the domestic film market this year. They are ready to sponsor national film actors to work with international film actors in producing quality films that will attract more audiences.

The Indonesian government also initiated the opening of a Negative Investment List (DNI), aimed to expand investment opportunities in the film sector. Furthermore, the number of screens for local films has been progressively growing since 2012, providing precious opportunities for many local films to last longer in theatres. These initiatives point to the growing market potential in TV and video production. As a competitive brand, you should not miss it.

Nanyang Bridge Media Picture
Nanyang Bridge Media Picture


End-to-end Production Service in Indonesia

Nanyang Bridge Media manages all aspects of production in Indonesia. With vast experience accumulated through working with international teams across all fields of production including, film, TV and music videos, events to name a few, we are well equipped to provide end-to-end services for international productions in Indonesia, from development all the way through to release and distribution.


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