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As the first epicenter of COVID-19 outbreak, China is home to important insights about the virus behaviors and infection trends for the global citizens. Many Chinese media and production houses produced video contents to document and share the real societal conditions and important insights as the firsthand witnesses of the pandemic. The question, then, was who can benefit these timely contents? How should these valuable content be presented in the global stage?


Finding regional channels for relevant and critical information


Presenting timely content across regional audiences 


Establishing solidarity amongst  Southeast Asian countries during the pandemic


Since the pandemic started in 2020, Nanyang Bridge Media has been actively supporting the regional communities by supplying and promoting highly relevant and informative content on the local mainstream media. 


Curate and localize valuable content and production across Southeast Asia through local mass media broadcasting channels


Provide real insights and information about COVID-19 right from the first COVID-19 epicenter in China


With a shared vision of bridging China and Southeast Asia through commercial and cultural exchanges and partnerships built on local contents from respective market, our team worked closely with media partners in China to shed light on the outbreak conditions and COVID-19 insights. 


Liaised with China Media Partners for the best COVID-19 related content

  • Guang Xi Radio & TV
  • China International Broadcasting Network
  • China Media Group


Promote and screen these native productions into Indonesian big TV stations:

  • A City of Heroes – Documentary
  • China’s Battle Against COVID-19
  • In Wuhan
  • 24 Hours in Wuhan


Secured and aired these production on segments of national TV programs and streamable on OTT platforms: 

  • Metro TV
  • Nusantara TV
  • TVRI
  • Cahaya TV
  • Vidio

Our Work Results

We received numerous positive sentiments and appreciations from viewers and local media partners for making these COVID-19 content available to Indonesian viewers. In a time of such uncertainty and fear in 2020, Nanyang Bridge Media gave a light of hope and solidarity for the people in China and SEA. Although we may be separated geographically and culturally, we are fighting the same battle together as a human race.


views on Vidio streaming platform alone


audiences per session of “In Wuhan” and “Cities of Heroes” on a single TV channel 


big national TV and broadcasting stations airing platform


Work Samples

Our Clients and Partners

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