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JD.ID 9.9 Great Sale Hits the Market Like Never Before






Influencer Marketing




Since its entry in 2015, JD.ID has become one of Indonesia’s top e-commerce platforms originated from China’s largest online retailer, To establish a stronger foundation in the Indonesian market, JD.ID was seeking a representative figure as the local face of the brand. 


Localizing brand message in the Indonesian market


Many e-commerce competitors in the Indonesian market to stand out from and gain competitive edge during double digit sales


Finding the right representative figure for JD.ID in Indonesia


As the leading influencer marketing agency in China and ASEAN, we step in to provide the most suitable Brand Ambassador for JD.ID to localize its brand and be one of its long-term key partners in Indonesia. We worked closely with Cinta Laura Management team and made the process of signing smooth and hassle-free. The mutual partnership also helped JD.ID to showcase its positive brand image through Cinta’s work and personality, a strategic endeavor to reach more younger generations to actively become JD’s buddies.


Provided the right local Brand Ambassador, Cinta Laura Kiehl, who shares similar traits and brand tone with JD.ID


Built a strategic and mutual partnership between JD.ID and Cinta Laura Kiehl Management


Stand out in the 9.9 battle of e-commerce by arranging a creative and exclusive collaboration with Cinta Laura 


After closely evaluating JD.ID’s campaign objectives and the trending KOL activities in the market, we identified a strategic opportunity for JD.ID to collaborate in Cinta Laura’s new single release, Markisa, to do brand placement for its 9.9 promotional messages on various media platforms. Cinta has a strong fanbase of youngsters that is in line with JD.ID’s target audience. We achieved a win-win collaboration for both parties. 


Create an optimized sponsorship program between JD.ID and Cinta Laura’s single release “Markisa”



Establish and manage Brand Ambassador program for 6 months for JD.ID


Video sponsorship and co-production collaboration with additional YouTube tap-in deliverables


Created and executed the sponsorship contract that includes:

  • Music video’s opening scene & credit title
  • Music video bloopers
  • Behind-the-scenes tap-in
  • Exclusive pre-release TV commercial 
  • YouTube podcast tap-in (Puella)


Crafted and co-produced the 9.9 TV commercial, collaborating with Cinta Laura’s “Markisa” to gain more exposure and also promote the new song to a bigger audience.

Our Work Results

 JD.ID has made a lasting brand awareness, while achieving its objective to localize by having a representative of a local Indonesian celebrity with international quality. Millions of positive reviews and sentiments were collected from the TV and YouTube performance reports. JD.ID gained more than 85 million views from placing YouTube ads of the 9.9 commercial only. The sponsorship on Markisa music video itself has surpassed 1.8M views. In total, all promotional videos combined have given JD.ID more than 200 million impressions and still counting up to this date. 

Markisa Music Video
TV Commercial
Behind-the-Scenes Markisa


video views from YouTube ads of 9.9 commercial 


views of the sponsored Markisa music video 


total impressions of all promotional videos of 9.9 JD.ID Sale 


Behind The Scene

Our Clients and Partners

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