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How to do Live Stream on TikTok: The Ultimate Guide

In case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of live streaming activities happening in TikTok lately. Whether it’s food, fashion, beauty products, and even home appliances are showcased by a live streamer that urges you to buy impulsively. Why is live streaming so popular lately? And how can you use it to boost your branding or even sales performance other than using ads ? Let’s find out!

What is live streaming for a brand?

TikTok has been named the most downloaded social media in Indonesia in 2021. As the number of users kept increasing, TikTok leveraged its audience and launched an innovative marketplace where sellers, buyers, and content creators collaborate in one platform. TikTok is an exciting marketing tool to explore for online marketers to increase both brand awareness and sales performance for their brands.

But before you dive deep into the world of live streaming, here are a few things you should know about live streaming, especially on TikTok:

  1. According to Cisco (2020) live video is expected to grow 15-fold by 2022 and reach a 17% share of all internet traffic. Therefore, marketers could use this traffic to introduce and even offer their products.
  2. Grand View Research (2021) expected the live streaming industry to be valued at $184.3 billion by 2027.
  3. Statista finds that 63% of Millennials watch live streaming content regularly, making them the largest group of consumers of live content. So if your target market is mainly millennials and Gen Z, this marketing tool is worth trying.
  4. A survey by TechJury finds that 80% of people would rather watch a live video from a brand than read their blog.
  5. According to Clicktale, nearly 40% of consumers are likely to share video content.

Now that you are ready to live stream, let’s find out how much preparation you need to start the operation.

How many live streaming crew do you need?

There is no perfect number of crews and roles for live streaming. It depends on how large the scale of your operation is and how much budget you are willing to spend on the operation. However, according to our experience, two people are sufficient for a small-scale low budget live streaming operation.

Here are the roles of live streaming crews:

1. Host

woman hosting beauty product livestream

The host is the key to successful live streaming. A host must have sufficient knowledge of the product, the brand, and the audience. He/she must be able to know the pain and problems of the audience and then highlight the unique selling point of the product that could solve the problem. For example, when selling a specialized pillow, the host must know the problems audiences are experiencing, such as neck pain, back pain, or tensions in the body. Then he/she could highlight the ingredients and the science behind the pillow as the unique selling point of the product that would solve the audience’s problem. Using the product on the spot, as well as comparing it with other products that are disguised, will also help.

What can a marketer do?
Brief your host and make sure he/she has sufficient knowledge to introduce your products to the audience. Some hosts agree with a profit-sharing basis commission that motivates them to better sell your products.

Live streaming host’s primary job and responsibility:

  • Interact with the audience
  • Create a suitable atmosphere that suits the brand’s personality
  • Introduce, review, promote, and highlight the product’s unique selling point
  • Explain checkout and shopping process

2. Assistant

man setting phone for a livestream

Assistant is the role of the backstage crew who ensures the event is running smoothly.

Assistant’s primary job and responsibility:

  • Help host prepares properties and technical needs during live sessions
  • Help host highlight the product’s being introduced on the app
  • Act as a model to showcase fashion or beauty products

To summarize, these two roles are the most important roles for a live streaming session. However, for a larger scale operation, we need several additional roles, such as cameraman, sound engineer, OBS operator, administrative crew, etc.

Finally, let’s look at the ultimate strategy for a successful TikTok live streaming.

How to make a successful live streaming?

Man posing for a livestream

1. Create user-generated short videos

Before we start the live stream, first we must create multiple short videos related to our products. These short videos are to introduce our product, increase users’ consideration to try the product, and promote the live streaming event itself.

2. Regular schedule and long duration is (actually) better

In TikTok live streaming, we aim for traffic and retention, so the longer we perform the live streaming, the more traffic we can get. TikTok recommends at least 90 minutes each session. Also, discipline is the key to TikTok’s algorithm and our result. This is because by exploring different timing, we can get different unique users. Also, by exploring different timing, we could retrieve data in which our audiences usually tune it to TikTok live.

3. Boost with ads

TikTok allows us to send ads to get more traffic into our live streaming. So, when the audiences start to drop significantly, for better performance we can spend a few amounts of ads to get more traffic.

4. Be well prepared!

Invest in basic pieces of equipment such as a smartphone with a good camera feature, a stable internet connection, microphone, and lighting to make sure the session runs smoothly. Make sure to properly set the product and location and also all products don’t forget to add your products on TikTok seller’s page. What’s more important is marketer must brief the host wellwith all information he/she could use for selling. Get tips & tricks as well as free checklist for live streaming host here.

5. Set up a promotion

Because of the interactive feature of live streaming, it is more likely we persuade our customers to buy on the spot. So, to shorten their consideration timing, throw out some promotion activity like flash-sale, promotion voucher, free shipping coupon, or freebies.

Would you like to live stream professionally? Collaborate with us! We provide full services from studio rental, equipment, live streaming host, scripts, plans and digital marketing plan which can help you explore the right way to live stream for your brands. Fill our form here  for a free one hour consultation with our digital marketing experts.


  1. Cisco Annual Internet Report (2018–2023) White Paper
  2. Video Streaming Market Worth $223.98 Billion By 2028 | CAGR: 21.0

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