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13 Useful Tricks to Get You Million Followers on TikTok

TikTok is one of the most popular social media. The platform has been launched in 2016 and gain popularity ever since. In 2019, there are 220 millions new users world wide and that is the second position on the most popular app on PlayStore after Whatsapp. In Indonesia, TikTok has 10 millions active users and they have at least 29 minutes being online on this app. It’s Tiktok fever! These people commonly watch every 15-30 seconds video on FYP (for your page) that is basically a name for TikTok timeline containing videos from other TikTok users based on hashtag they use. Nowadays, TikTok is becoming more and more popular and it will be so spectacular to be famous there and got millions of followers. You might be wondering how to get millions of followers on TikTok. How to be famous and get followers there? What do you need to do?

Here are 13 tricks that you can use to make that possible.

1. Look Attractive

To get TikTok followers, you need to make your content much more enjoyable. You should try to look attractive whenever you have the chance to appear on your TikTok videos. Use attractive clothes and perfect makeup before you appear in the videos. The attractive appearance will make many eyes interested and like you and then become one of your followers. This trick is needed if you plan to appear frequently in your TikTok videos. This is one of the fastest ways if you wonder how to get likes and followers on TikTok.

2. Post Original Content

Make sure the videos that you upload are videos of your own work and not re-uploaded videos. But don’t mistake this by trying only to upload videos with original ideas, you just need to occasionally follow the trend and follow the scenarios that are being created. However, you need to keep following the trend consistently and be an account that can be liked by many people that enjoy TikTok. Even so, make sure the videos that you upload still offer originality that is unique to yourself, whether it’s from your location, video background, the type of clothes you wear, the filter that you use, or even the color of your hair. Manage to show some original characteristics still.

3. Upload content as often as you can

How do you get followers on TikTok? The next answer is to upload as often as you can. How can you want lots of followers if you have only a few videos and you seem to be rarely active? If you want your followers to continue to grow, then you should also try to always upload as often as you can. The more videos that you have, the more convincing it will be. This can also be related to your consistency in filling your TikTok with the content that you offer. Your consistency will assure some kind of users to start following you.

4. Do some upgrading on your equipment

If you often spend time watching videos on TikTok, you must also realize how great is the efforts made by the creator to make these videos. Start from the excellent quality of the camera, qualified photography skills, and stable movement. You need to upgrade the equipment that you are using now. Learn some essential photography skill that makes your video look more professional and worth watching. Use a good camera with appropriate light saturation. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the atmosphere of the location you took the video. Don’t let your audience watch the messy room or the walls that are not pleasant to see. Pay attention to every angle that will roughly appear on the video. They could be a distraction.

5. Use popular songs for the soundtrack

If you understand the TikTok algorithm, then you will also realize that you can search for the type of content according to the song you are searching for. Well, how to get followers on TikTok fast? How can songs on TikTok be useful to help that happen? The most used songs/sounds for TikTok videos will be grouped into famous music/ sound and will often appear on FYP. These songs will often appear on FYP (TikTok timeline) and will display videos that use the songs/ sounds that are most searched. By using these popular music/sounds, you will have a more significant opportunity to appear on FYP and then get many new followers.

6. Be creative

Being famous in TikTok certainly doesn’t always depend on appearance. Creative ideas are also crucial for your performance on TikTok. Do out-of-the-box things. Be creative and create new things that make many people interested in you. You can try to combine sounds or make funny little plays and make people laugh. Or make your content as your media for the expression of everyday things that generally happen to ordinary people.

Videos that are very easy to relate to and can make people chuckle since they have felt the same will undoubtedly be liked and shared with many of their friends. This will work well as well when you use your own voice, and make other users interested in using it. You will get access to appear in the sound search as the original video. From there, you can get new followers. You can also try to become a trendsetter by introducing new games, a new challenge, or new dance moves that can be followed by many other users.

7. Do duets with other users

Working with other creators to create content will be a great way to expand the scope of your followers on TikTok. People who follow these users will see you, and you will finally reach a new group of people. This duet feature for TikTok is indeed widely used for entertainment purposes. This feature is brilliant and has brought many lovers since it is funny and invites everyone’s creativity. It is recommended to make a video duet with other creators who have the same number of followers as you and you have to be the most creative you.

8. Be the good participants on TikTok community

As one of TikTok’s users, you need to get along with other TikTok users. Attend meetups to meet new people in this community and use your time there to interact with each other. After getting many acquaintances and always maintaining a good relationship with them, invite them to create content together. In addition to being present at offline events, you also need to be frequently present online on TikTok itself. Take a lot of time to watch other people’s famous videos and leave comments. If your comments are interesting, of course, many people will visit your profile. New followers will automatically increase if you happen to have prepared exciting contents that they like.

9. Popular hashtags are needed

Is there an actual way to get followers on TikTok? Only creating quality content will not always be enough. You have spent a lot of time making high-quality videos, so you must also put them in the right position so that they can be more easily reached by other users. Hashtags help TikTok categorize uploaded content according to the interests of users who are viewing FYP.

After the caption, give 2-3 famous hashtags that can make your video appear on FYP. However, try not to use the same hashtag continuously. When someone searches for a hashtag in TikTok, the video that has the biggest number of likes will appear first. These hashtags will help you appear on the search result. Before using a hashtag, do a little research by checking the number of TikTok videos that have been watched on each hashtag.

10. Place Advertisements on TikTok

This step is done by many brands that need to gain millions of followers really quickly. Well, it is not really impossible for you to have that. If you have a suitable budget and you’d like to grow your number of followers quickly, this way is the one that pretty will work instantly. This advertisement will show firstly even before other TikTok videos are coming to FYP. If you would like to run advertisements on TikTok by yourself you can go to TikTok Ads website to register an account and top up a minimum of 500 USD to start running an advertisement campaign by yourself.

However, running an effective advertising campaign requires a certain time, effort, and expertise and not to mention a minimum investment of 500 USD. There have been some who topped up their account only to have their ads disapproved. A more cautious approach you could take is to engage an authorized TikTok agency such as Nanyang Bridge Media to assist you on this, especially when it is offering an attractive one-month free service promotion for new clients and allows you to start with a minimum of only 100 USD.

11. Share your TikTok profile and videos on your social media

Who doesn’t have social media these days? Everyone must have one. You can use your social media to promote your TikTok content. Don’t hesitate. Use other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Whatsapp as other media to display the videos that you upload. In this way, you can get some new followers.

Your TikTok video may be viral on other platforms for some reason. And when that happens, the chances of you getting lots of new followers on TikTok will also become even greater. Your followers on other social media usually will want to follow you as long as you are promising to follow them back.

12. Reply comments and ask for feedback

Increasing interaction on TikTok will also make you appear more often on FYP and eventually invite lots of new followers for you. Take some time to reply to the comments on your videos on TikTok. However, sometimes, these comments will not come by themselves but must be provoked with content that invites others to leave a comment. This content can be questions, experiences, or discussions about something. High interaction will help you get a lot of new followers on TikTok.

13. Run giveaways or contests

Giveaways are one of the best ways to get likes, mentions, and of course, followers on TikTok. Usually, many brands run a giveaway to get more exposure. Well, you can try this as well by holding a small giveaway of your favorite novels, preloved skincare, signed shirts from famous brands, and so on.

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