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If you are reading this article, I presume that you want your TikTok account following to grow, whether it is to become TikTok’s influencers or maybe you’ve just started your online business and wanted to promote your services/products on TikTok, or maybe you are also a digital marketing staff from big brands and heard that opening TikTok account can surely boost your brand awareness and upscale your selling. However, when you finally start to open your account, it’s hard to gain followers and views although you’ve spent all night thinking about the suitable content idea, shoot the video and post regularly and might start to think “How do I beat TikTok’s algorithm so my videos can be on For You Page regularly ?”. Don’t worry we’ve all been there, and I’ll surely tell you that you have come to the right place, as we wanted to share about a brand new TikTok’s offers (we’ve also tried it ourselves) that can surely do elevate your account, not only for views and engagements but followers as well. This new feature is called Boosted TikTok Ads.

What is Boosted TikTok Ads?

Boosted TikTok Ads is brand new in-feed ads that allow you to directly use your uploaded video as advertisement material to ensure your video is watched by millions of TikTok users. If you’re an avid TikTok user like us, then you’ve surely seen some in-feed ads when you scroll on your For You page right? Before Boosted TikTok Ads launched, we can only upload the external video to TikTok Ads Manager to be used as ads. However, now you can directly use videos that you have uploaded to TikTok to be used as ads as well. The result is a boost in views of your native video as your video will be shown on For You page just like those videos that beat TikTok’s algorithm. Count this as one sure way to be included on For You page.

Why do you need to try Boosted TikTok Ads?

Gain Followers like Crazy

If your objective is to develop a TikTok account, you’ll need to gain followers, increase views and engage in more conversation. Boosted TikTok Ads will help you achieve this as you can set your TikTok account as ads landing page. Moreover, there’s also a “+” follow button so viewers can directly follow your account from the ads if your video catches their eye.

Straight to For You Page

You don’t need a big following account or wait for a viral factor to make your video included on For You Page. One tip to make this more impactful is to add influencer posts on your TikTok account and then run Boosted TikTok Ads with that particular video which will intrigue viewers to view and follow your account.

More Organic Approach to Advertising

Combining Boosted TikTok and native video from your own account will make it so organic, your viewers did not even realize that they have just watched an advertisement, which is good to slowly get into your targeted audience’s top of mind.

Leverage Brand Voice Through KOLs Influence

Combining ads with influencers is one of the best ways to fully make use of this feature. Influencers will attract viewers to a certain degree and if the video is created well enough, will cause them to be curious about what your brand is about and like/share your video or perhaps follow you for more interesting content. Do not fret in case you need to include influencers in your campaign, we can also help you find the most suitable influencers for your brand.

Targeted Audiences

Using targeting options to target a specific audience that you wish to see your videos is one of the advantages of using Boosted TikTok ads rather than relying on the virality factors on TikTok. Your video will be seen mostly by those you want it to be seen and help you gain maximum exposure at the same time.

How to run Boosted TikTok Ads

To start Boosted TikTok Ads, you must have an auction account with TikTok Ads, however, you’ll need to whitelist the account to start doing Boosted TikTok. For now, only an authorized TikTok partner like us, Nanyang Bridge Media, can get access to the whitelisting of the account.

If you wanted to know and try this advertisement solution to promote your TikTok account, you can check our latest offer with a free service fee for one month and with a fee as low as $100 you can already try this offers and see if it truly works for you your account.

  1. Case Studies

    We have tried this ourselves in our own TikTok account Teater Mandarin. Before we started running Boosted TikTok ads on our account, we had 1.3k followers and after a week of running Boosted TikTok ads on our Chinese Gala videos, we gained 2k new followers. The video itself gained almost 300k views and 28k+ likes. As you can see from the screenshot of our account above, our TikTok account’s average view is only between hundreds or sometimes below it. It is proven that Boosted TikTok can be used to leverage certain videos that you really wanted to do well on TikTok.

    Other cases are ByteHouse, a popular TikTok account from the UK operated by 6 British TikTok stars. Since June last year, they have released 33 videos for advertising promotion purposes, optimized for 6s video browsing and the target audience is European English users aged between 18 to 54. The performance is good as well, managing to get $0.08 – $1.0 CPM, 20% – 80% watching their 6s videos, and the cost per 6s view is below $2.5.

    Little Caesars, the third-largest pizza company in the United States has also tried using Boosted TikTok ads to grow their TikTok account. Boosted TikTok ads is a part of TikTok Hashtag Challenge #GoCrazy to promote their brand-new product, Stuffed Crazy Bread on TikTok. Little Caesar collaborated with 13 influencers from the TikTok Creator Marketplace platform and used their videos to create 5 advertising groups according to the style of each video ranging from food, entertainment, games, online shopping, and sports. The performance was really great with more than 0.1% click-through rate.

    This new way of advertising with TikTok is certainly worth a try especially if you want to reach out to the audiences you have been targeting for your brand. Not only will you expose your brand to your target audience, but you will also get to develop your own TikTok account following and gain lots of new followers within a short period of time. As we mentioned above, we can help you set up your account so it will be eligible for the Boosted TikTok ads feature and we have a limited time offers for you as our customers that’s 1-month free service charge and you can start with as low as $100, which is lower than the minimum threshold if you open your own TikTok ads account. For more information on our offers, contact us for a free consultation!

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