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Have you opened your Instagram today and realized about the new feature in Instagram? Instagram launched this feature called Instagram Reels in August 2020, the same year as the app turned 10 and reached 1 billion active monthly users. On June 2021, the new feature called Instagram Reels was finally available for Indonesian Instagram users.

The appearance of this new feature was followed by a statement from the Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri. Quoted from The Verge, “After seeing the success of competitors like TikTok and YouTube, Mosseri said Instagram will put more focus on video and entertainment. He also stated that Instagram will make the video more immersive by offering a full-screen experience that we can see from IGTV, Instagram Story, and Instagram Reels.”

Mosseri’s statement above is also proven by the changes in how Instagram algorithm works right now. Instagram algorithm is prioritizing Instagram Reels content to be shown on the Explore Pages and also home feed. This change will advantage and gives more chance for users to get more views and impressions in their Instagram Reels than a static content.

Instagram Reels enables users to share 15-60 second clips with music and immersive filters. Unlike Instagram Story where your content will be available only for 24 hours and only your followers can see it, Instagram Reels can be permanently kept in your account and be seen by other Instagram users that are not your followers. It will be shown on the Explore page and the Instagram algorithm will match your Instagram Reels content with not only your existing followers, but also other users of similar interests. Those advantages make Instagram Reels an effective tool to reach a bigger audience and gain new followers.

Besides those advantages, Instagram Reels was designed to help Instagram content creators explore and showcase their creativity more easily. By video editing tools provided in the feature, you can compile multi clips from your gallery into one video, make a transition or slow-motion video, and even add pop-up texts or stickers right away on the app itself. This is a defining and differentiating point of Instagram Reels compared with IG TV. With Instagram Reels, you can level up your Instagram content game into new heights and engage more users.

Though Instagram Reels is not available for video longer than 1 minute, it is a helpful Instagram feature that targets the current generation of content creators and consumers who love user-friendly creative tools and a short-duration content that packs a punch. If you’re not utilizing Instagram Reels, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to reach wider range of audiences and potentially new followers.

A Closer Look Into Instagram Reels.

Before we dive deeper into what kind of strategy we should apply, here is an introduction to Instagram Reels basic tools you must know to maximize the full use of the feature and show your creativity.

  1. Audio

    This tool enables you to put background audio for your content. You can choose the audio from Instagram Music Library or use your original audio by simply recording a reel with it. Using nice and suitable background music will most likely improve your content engagements and impressions, especially with trending and viral audio.

  2. Time and Countdown

    As we know that not everyone has a professional or dedicated production team. With this video editing tool on Instagram Reels, now you can record your video independently. Its feature allows you to record any of your clips hands-free so content creation becomes much easier and simpler. But, always make sure to set your content duration first before recording.

  3. Speed

    Timing is one of the most important things to be considered in short video making like Instagram Reels. Emphasize some of your key messages in your video by slowing down on certain parts. Make sure your video cuts appear on the right beat of your background music. With the speed tool, you can dramatize your video by speeding up or slowing down certain parts of your video according to the beat of your background music. This also means that you can now make a slow-motion video as easily as a click of a button.

  4. Align

    Transition videos are not something new but are still one of the most impressionable contents on video platforms. Most of the time, combining multi clips is needed in video-making such as tutorial videos. This Align tool will help you create a seamless transition by enabling you to combine your clips for your Instagram Reels.

  5. AR Effect

    Enhance your video further with the filters or AR Effects of Instagram Reels. In the editing tool section, you’ll find The Effects Library where you can select one of the many effects that were created by Instagram and creators from all around the world.

Why you should start creating Instagram Reels today

TikTok’s rapid growth and development in recent years are visible proofs that short-video content performs really well in gaining user engagements and followers. Because the latest Instagram Reels feature to share a lot of similarities with TikTok’s, we can expect similar results and growth from the Instagram community. Quoted from The Verge, last April, the testing ads for Instagram Reels were started in Australia, Germany, Brazil, and India, proving that Instagram Reels is starting to be considered as a new effective tool for digital marketing.

Though we know that Instagram Reels is still relatively new and isn’t as big as its competitor, Instagram still has more advantages by having support from Facebook. Through the ‘Recommend on Facebook’ feature, Instagram users can easily share their Instagram Reels to Facebook, further expanding their video reach and engagements. Though this feature is currently only available in India, we are expecting it to be available in other regions soon too. This exciting additional feature is the reason you should consider and learn how to maximize your marketing strategy with the latest social media tools and features.

Here are some tips you should note before creating your first Instagram Reels for your business account:

  1. Identify Your Key Messages

    The Instagram algorithm will help your Instagram Reels to appear on other users’ timelines based on their interests. By being clear with your messages and content identity, your content has a higher chance to be seen by the right audience.

  2. Be Consistent and Original

    Original content has a higher chance to become viral and to appear on a wide range of users’ Explore pages, enabling you to reach even more audiences. It works like the For You Page on TikTok where they will help boost your content and reach an even bigger scope of audience. Posting regularly and consistently will also increase your chance of gaining more views and engagements.

  3. High Quality and Entertaining

    Produce creative content with a good quality video to catch the audiences’ attention. Remember to not only focus on promoting your brand but also make sure to communicate your brand’s value through it. Keep in mind that this is a social media platform – so the more entertaining it is for the audience, the more engagement you will get.

  4. Do a Trend Research

    Finding out about the latest trends and news about the Instagram community will help you plan powerful and successful content. Instagram users love relevant and trending content. By doing your research, you will also gain valuable insights into the kind of content that works and doesn’t. Ultimately, trend research is a must.

Currently in Indonesia, Instagram Reels has not been commercialized (yet). However, understanding how Instagram Reels works and exploring this feature will get you early in the game which gives you a significant head start for your digital marketing activities. Instagram Reels will help you generate more alternative fresh ideas for your future content strategies, so you can continuously grow and maximize your social media presence.

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