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Welcome to TikTok!

TikTok is the fast-rising platform and has tremendous marketing potential for businesses, from brandings to small-scale e-commerce stores.

TikTok targets the new generation and this represents a habit-shift, which may affect businesses on how they engage customers, and how they market and sell.

TikTok has so far bypassed Facebook and other platforms in terms of growth and user retentions, or downloads.

Our clients have positives feedbacks on the general experiences of using TikTok as a channel for advertising. Despite it’s not as mature as Facebook, it is something that worth investment into. Tiktok is very video focus and a viral video might yield you far better results that conventional advertisements. We encourage everyone to try with us, and give up on the conventional TV-commercial type of advertising, and embracing the TikTok trendy videos, as your gateway to the generation Z.

We will be sharing regularly the techniques, best practices and examples of using TikTok. We will start with easy and simple guidelines, and introduce more advanced techniques. We hope these will contribute to the success of your marketing on Tiktok and be helpful to your business.

Further, we will be including meaningful data on how other successful businesses are using TikTok for advertising and what are the hot selling items on TikTok (limited to China). These will give you ideas and inspirations on how market or develop your business. These will be free versions of these contents as well as paid premium versions in the future. Do contact our marketing team for further details on this.

To start with, let’s look at the 8 basic rules of how to make a good TikTok advertisement.

8 basic rules to advertise on TikTok

Hope these help you to kick start your TikTok advertising. In the future, we will be sharing on how to make a trendy ad video, how to estimate your CPA, how to increase your ad traffic on TikTok, etc.

If you have not yet have an account with us now, please contact our marketing team to open an account now for free.

Trendy TikTok Ad Videos

Sometimes you just need a spark of inspiration and references to get you going on the right track. Here is some of our curated trending ad videos from China, which you can learn from and apply to your brand.

Suit and Skirt Matching

Length: 12s

Likes: 1.439K

Comments: 34K

Analysis: There’s a 2 second description at the beginning of the video that explains the purpose of the video, “How good can you look if you wear suit and skirt?” And the fast moving pace of the dress changes are attention grabbing as well, at one change per second, audience is always kept at the mood of suspense, and will watch the view in full. Meanwhile, it’s an innovative of dressing up, inviting audience to discuss and share.


Facial Cream

Length: 47s

Likes: 7K

Comments: 1K

A relatively long video and actually a mini story. The ad starts with a girl asking her friend to repay her the money of 200 Yuan she owned. Instead, the her friend gave her a facial cream, claiming that this is expensive. After using the cream, the girl found it to be effective and loved it, but realized that the price was only very cheap.



Creative Necklaces

Length: 14 s

Likes: 437K

Comments: 41K

This video has a lovely cover page highlighting the products are targeting couples (couple necklace). In a span of 14s, the video features several creative necklace pairs that intrigue couple to make a purchase. The speech is 20% faster than the normal speech speed, in line with the beat of the background.



Nice Things To Do Before Sleep

Length: 38 s

Likes: 878K

Comments: 25K

This is a long video but we still recommend it. This is an ad about household creative items for a girl’s mark-up table. Despite a long video, the video is more like a story, named Nice Things a Delicate Girl Will Do Before Sleep. In each of scenes, a creative item is featured, e.g. flower shaped handwash foam, automatic toothpaste machine, etc.

Snake Soft Toy Handphone Holder

Length: 11 s

Likes: 152k

Comments: 22K

This 11 seconds video have no narration but well-illustrated what the product is. Over 10,000 pieces were sold for this product. Having a cool product and the right actor are probably the key to the success!

Want to create TikTok Ads with high engagements and impressions? Contact us today!

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