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On October 27, the 3rd ASEAN-China TV Week Opening Ceremony and the ASEAN-China Youth TV Media Workshop were held sponsored by China’s Ministry of Radio and Television Administration, Lao People’s Ministry of Information and the Guangxi Autonomous Region People’s Government.

The opening ceremony was also attended directly by Ms. Fan Xiaoli, member of the Standing Committee and Head of Publicity Department of the Guangxi Autonomous Region, a delegation of diplomats from ASEAN countries in China, including representatives of the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing, Radio-TV stations from various regions in China, Institutions under China’s National Radio Television Administration and television business players from ASEAN and China as well as other invitees, totaling 400 people. In the opening remarks of this event, Ms. Fan Xiaoli emphasized the TV media to play its role and fulfill the responsibility as a communication bridge, spread stories about friendly relations, support pragmatic cooperation and contribute more strongly to making the China-ASEAN community look forward to a similar future, and then press the button to start The 3rd ASEAN – China TV Week conducted by Chinese officials and diplomatic representatives of ASEAN countries in China.

This year’s 3rd ASEAN – China TV Week takes the theme of Mutual Assistance, Convergence, and Innovation. During the ASEAN-China TV Week, the committee carried out activities such as the ASEAN-China Audio-Visual Communication Symposium which was attended by television media entrepreneurs from ASEAN and China, television media workshops, and a short video contest with the theme “ASEAN-China Friendly Cooperation”. which was attended by ASEAN-China youth, an exhibition of audio-visual products and broadcasting of ASEAN-China TV media content.


As a series of activities for the 3rd ASEAN – China TV Week, on October 28, an Audio-Visual Communication Symposium was held which was attended by television media entrepreneurs from ASEAN countries and China. This activity is the main activity in the series of the 3rd ASEAN – China TV Week. At this symposium, Indonesia was represented by the CEO of Nanyang Bridge Media, Gandhi Priambodo, who had the opportunity to give a speech explaining the development of the television industry in Indonesia and also the opportunity for television cooperation between Indonesia and China. As stated by Gandhi Priambodo, television is the most appropriate means to inform and introduce the culture and progress of a nation to the people of other nations. TV can be a bridge for people-to-people relations between nations, especially Indonesia and China, especially with the current number of Indonesian TV documentary programs that are of high quality and can be liked by the Chinese people.

As is known, Nanyang Bridge Media is the only Indonesian company in China that carries out business activities to promote Indonesia through television programs and films.


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