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The global pandemic has caused many businesses to inevitably shift towards the digital space to survive in this new commercial landscape. As the leading digital marketing agency in Southeast Asia, we at Nanyang Bridge Media, have benefited greatly from the digital movement and have strengthened our portfolio ever since.

In the last two years, we have been serving a growing variety of Indonesian local brands, localized Chinese brands, cross-border e-commerce merchants and Chinese media companies in China and ASEAN countries with our full-range marketing services and content localization expertise. In addition, our strategic partnership with TikTok, PopIn and other local media in Southeast Asia, has built a strong foundation for us to continue providing excellent branding and content services, customizable to each client’s needs for more years to come.

Empowered by the new and promising developments, we have upgraded our brand look to showcase our professionalism and dedication to provide our clients and partners with the best agency service experience. We are excited to unveil our refreshed brand identity as a defining milestone for our company since its founding in 2014.

Clean, approachable, and honest

With this new clean and simple look, we are projecting our identity as a friendly yet professional agency, committed to provide client-first marketing, licensing and production services for China and ASEAN countries. The vibrant red colour in our logo signifies our positive and energetic work culture. To complement our visual branding, we use simple combinations of basic shapes to convey our honest and consistent communication style.

Inspired by connections and relationships

Taking influence from the Chinese folklore The Red String of Fate, we have transformed our bridge element into a more abstract and memorable ribbon-like design. The new brandmark is a modern interpretation of our company vision of bridging China and Southeast Asia. It combines the letter N and Y of the word “Nanyang” from our brand name “Nanyang Bridge Media”. The ribbon-like brandmark and the signifying loop symbolizes our values in creating intentional and long-lasting connections. As an aspiring agency leader, we are committed to foster great partnerships, regardless of place, time or circumstance.

“Our diverse talents and strategic business pillars have created our unique capabilities in offering a complete and customizable solution for Chinese and ASEAN brands and contents entering respective markets. We leverage on the synergy among our production, licensing and advertising services to create multiplying benefits for our clients and partners,” said Gandhi, CEO of Nanyang Bridge Media.

“This consolidation of capabilities provides the reimagined Nanyang Bridge Media brand with added strengths that allow us to define an entirely new space and become an all-encompassing agency for China and ASEAN brands.”

We will start the initial release of Nanyang Bridge Media rebranding with the distribution of company’s logo, graphics, and communications across all our marketing collaterals in this last quarter of 2021. Following the primary brand assets, Nanyang Bridge Media will have a newly revamped company website within the first quarter of 2022, in hopes of elevating every stakeholder’s digital experiences with our brand and services. As the website is being upgraded to fit our new look, our current website is still accessible for the public.

In the spirit of rebranding, we will continue to commit to our clients and provide the same or even better level of excellence and professionalism in our services. Nanyang Bridge Media will continue to foster long-lasting and satisfying relationships with customers and partners to bridge the gap between China and ASEAN countries.

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