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One of the scenes from the film Boundless Love when Nova (Putri Ayudya) seduces Chen Chang (Shen Hao) singing the song Yue Liang Daibiao Wo De Xing playing at the Tian'anmen Poly Theater, Beijing, Monday (28/10) night.
The film, titled “Boundless Love” (Ai Zai Ling Wei Du) which is set in Palembang City, South Sumatra, began to be screened simultaneously in a number of cinemas in China on Tuesday. “About 98 percent of the filming locations for the film are in Indonesia. Apart from Palembang, there are Bandung, Jakarta, the Jababeka area, and the Thousand Islands,” Nova Surenata from Nanyang Bridge Media, who co-produced the film, told Antara in Beijing, Monday (28/28/2020). 10) night. The film, directed by Chinese director Wang Yimin, spent up to IDR 4 billion in production costs in Indonesia from China Energy, one of China’s state-owned enterprises. This teen romance-themed film tells the story of an expatriate from China, Chen Chang, played by Shen Hao, who falls in love with Nova, a girl born in Palembang with Batak blood, played by Putri Ayudya. The romance story of two teenagers from different nationalities is taken from a true story in which the film features Hendra from Palembang and a woman from China in 1965. Nova’s parents, especially the mother (Nungki Kusumastuti), do not approve of their daughter having a relationship with Chen. He prefers Nova to marry Adi, a Batak man who has lived in the United States for a long time. However, the strong love of a couple inspired by the diary of a Chinese girl 54 years ago made Chen and Nova able to live together in a marriage bond. “Of course, there are ups and downs in the making of this film. How to direct a local artist who can’t speak Mandarin,” said Wang, the director, answering a question from an audience, at the premiere at the Tian’anmen Poly Theater, Beijing. Likewise, Shen Hao has a unique story when he first met Putri before starting to shoot the film in Indonesia. “There is rendang dish. I asked what kind of meat it was. He replied, beef,” Shen said, greeted by laughter from hundreds of spectators who packed the cinema because the word “beef” in Mandarin was a curse. However, she admitted that it didn’t take long for her to be able to animate the character she played when she faced her co-star, Putri Ayudya, who she judged quickly adapted as a nurse who could speak Mandarin because of her liking for Chinese culture. “I hope that after watching this film, the audience will be more interested in visiting Indonesia, especially Palembang, where this film was made,” said Indonesian Ambassador to China Djauhari Oratmangun while giving a speech at the premiere of “Boundless Love”. The film Boundless Love, which is supported by the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency, the South Sumatra Provincial Government, and the Bandung City Culture and Tourism Office, will be screened in a number of cinemas in Indonesia in February 2020. Source by: ANTARA

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