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On the afternoon of October 28th, the premiere of the transnational love film “Love at Zero Latitude” was held at the Tiananmen Gate of Poly International Studios in Beijing. The film’s producer and the watch are culture chairman Liu Qinglu, director Wang Yimin, starring Shen Hao, screenwriter Zhang Yuan, composer Ye Min and other main creators all appeared and shared with the audience the story behind the scenes of the film.

The premiere ceremony was hosted by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in China and the Propaganda Department of the Gansu Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China. The National Energy Group Guohua Electric Power Company, Gansu Biao Shi Culture Communication Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Nanyangqiao Cultural Development Co., Ltd., and Poly Film Investment Co., Ltd. Co-organized by the company. Zhou Haoli, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to China, Zhang Yihao, Deputy Director of the Press Center of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, Shi Mingzheng, Inspector of the Propaganda Department of the Gansu Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, Director of the Film Division, Bu Daoyuan, Secretary of the National Energy Group News and Media Center, and National Energy Group News and Xie Yaodong, Deputy Director of the Media Center, Li Wei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of National Energy Group Guohua Electric Power Company, and other leaders and guests attended the premiere.

The movie “Boundless Love” is adapted from the real story of the Nansu Power Plant invested by the National Energy Investment Group in Indonesia. It tells the story of the protagonist Chen Chang and the Indonesian girl Nova falling in love. After encountering opposition and obstacles from all sides, in the end, they A story of life and death that crosses various differences in countries, cultures, and religions. This film not only tells the story of Chinese builders abroad who have dedicated their youth and love to the construction of the “Belt and Road”, but also reflects the value of realizing “people-to-people bonds” along the “Belt and Road”.

At the meeting after the Beijing premiere, director Wang Yimin described the behind-the-scenes details of the team’s two-year preparation for the filming. “Boundless Love” is the first film in my country that was shot in Indonesia. It encountered difficulties in language, diet, habits, etc., but they were overcome one by one. After 48 revisions, a pure love story was presented to the audience. “The film’s 50-year love story also shows that personal love and the strength of the country are inseparable,” said film producer Liu Qinglu.

The film is co-starred by Shen Hao, the “tough guy”, together with Indonesian flower Biti Ayutia, and powerful stars Wang Ji and Lei Sahetabi. Shen Hao plays the leading role this time, perfectly portraying an introverted, affectionate, and generous person. A person with a sense of responsibility. At the post-screening meeting, Shen Hao revealed that he was once autistic because of his role in the play. “The filming process was very difficult. After an hour of shooting this shot, my eyes were red, but after watching the film, I felt that all the hard work was worth it. “

It is worth mentioning that “Boundless Love” specially invited young actor and singer Xiong Ziqi to sing the theme song “The Moon Represents My Heart”. Xiong Ziqi’s voice is fresh with a sense of youth, but also emotionally heavy. When this classic melody sounded slowly, the audience was immersed in the plot and felt the endless love expressed by the movie.

The audience at the premiere of “Boundless Love” gave the film unanimous praise. “It seems that I have seen the love of my parent’s generation, and it is very moving.” “Salute to Chinese builders abroad, I hope everyone can find love that is worth waiting for a lifetime.”

“Boundless Love” has been shortlisted for the 12th Bali International Film Festival, the 2nd Pingyao International Film Festival, South Africa International Film Festival and other main competition units, and won the “Best New Director” at the 8th Nice International Film Festival in France Award”, the 36th Miami International Film Festival Chinese Competition “Best Love Story Award”, the 2019 Netherlands New Vision International Film Festival “Best Asian Film Nomination”, etc. The male lead Shen Hao also won the “Most Potential Actor” Award” and “Best Asian Actor Nomination” and other awards. It is reported that the movie “Love in Zero Latitude” will be released nationwide on October 29.

Read about our full case study of making Boundless Love happen here.

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