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To commemorate 70 years of China-Indonesia diplomatic relationship, the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia, together with Nanyang Bridge Media, organized an online screening event, showcasing a series of excellent Chinese & Indonesian films and TV shows. The screening event, called as the “Chinese Online Screening Festival” has started from December 2020 and can be watched on one of Indonesia’s biggest streaming platform, as well as Indonesia’s satellite TV channel, Nusantara TV.

The event itself not only served as a celebration of bilateral relations between the two countries, but also brought joy & entertainment to viewers during the grim situation caused by the pandemic that struck in the same year. As what the Ambassador of China to Indonesia, Mr. Xiao Qian, told the press in his opening speech, “This year marks the 70th year of friendship between China and Indonesia, and this year we are fighting this pandemic together.  Both countries are giving mutual support and sincere help to each other, once again proving the deep relations between China and Indonesia. Hence, overcoming the barrier of distance, we have carefully designed & produced this online show to give warm & positive energy to the government and the people of both countries in fighting COVID-19.”

Ranging from drama, documentaries to special gala show, this online screening event will leave the audience in awe with its dynamic performances, beautiful sceneries and exciting stories.  Filled with both Indonesian and Chinese traditional culture, the Ambassador hopes that this could also strengthen the cultural cooperation between the two countries.

“Through this kind of event, I also hope that the Chinese art & culture can be introduced more to Indonesian people.” Mr. Xiao Qian added.

5 Captivating Documentaries

Now, Indonesian viewers can learn more about diversity of Chinese culture through a series of selected documentaries in their local language. There will be 5 documentaries depicting different region and traditions from China, all available in Indonesian subtitle. The titles are as follow: Seeking the Tibetan Melody, Changing of the Village, Songs on the Silk Road, Enchantment of Tibet and Land of Hopes.

In addition, there is also a Chinese Gala Show which features riveting art performances integrating Chinese and Indonesian culture.

The Premiere of China-Indonesia Co-produced Film: Boundless Love

Other than the educational documentaries, audience can also watch the premiere of “Boundless Love” movie. Starring various Indonesian notable artists, such as Putri Ayudya, Ray Sahetapy and the late Ade Firman Hakim (winner of Best Supporting Actor in FFI 2020), “Boundless Love” is the first co-production between China & Indonesia.

This collaboration project between Indonesian Creative Economy Agency and Nanyang Bridge Media was produced in 2017. The movie is shot mainly in Indonesia, but uses both Indonesian and Chinese as its main language, as the story entangles between an Indonesian lady who falls in love with a Chinese expatriate and how they conquer their differences. Read the full case study here.

Feather Flies to the Skies

Apart from the film, there is also the inspirational Chinese drama “Feather Flies to The Sky” which gives the best from-zero-to-hero story of a young businessman from rural China. So what are you waiting for? Go stream the Chinese Online Screening Festival through the Vidio platform and Nusantara TV now! Alternatively, you can watch all the series for free on our YouTube channel: Teater Mandarin!


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