TikTok Ads: Why is My Ad Rejected by TikTok?

September 14, 2020

To make good ads, of course, we wanted to be as creative as possible, especially if we’re using a video sharing platform like TikTok. There is various type of TikTok advertisements that you can use to boost your branding and intrigue users. If it can’t intrigue user’s curiosity or attention, they’ll slip away. As a result, the ads that you've made painstakingly will become useless. So, you work & think hard and finally create a creative and intriguing ad. However, TikTok rejected your ads. Maybe you were initially confused, "Why does TikTok reject my ad?"

One of the main reasons TikTok rejected your ad is that your ad does not meet TikTok's standards & regulations. To minimize this kind of situation, below we have listed down THE TOP 5 reasons why TikTok rejected your ads.

  1. Landing Page is Not Up to Standard

    TikTok provides several conditions for advertiser landing pages so that users remain comfortable while surfing the landing page. Landing pages that do not comply with the provisions of TikTok are as follows:

    1. Landing pages that have errors or are expired, or sites under construction.
    2. Landing pages with incomplete content on the web pages.
    3. Landing pages that are not mobile-friendly.
    4. Landing pages with the browser's back button disabled.
    5. Landing pages, which automatically download files to the user's mobile phone.
    6. Landing pages, which require users to download additional programs or input personal information to access the main content on the landing pages.
    7. Landing pages that display prohibited products.

    The landing page that may be used is the Google Play Store or App Store page for downloading applications, official site pages for products or services, or pages for advertised products. Also, e-commerce advertising must display valid information on the landing page under applicable local laws.

  2. Inconsistent Ad Creative

    The content that you use (captions, text, images, videos) must match the product you wanted to promote. TikTok will reject your ad if the products and brands shown on the video do not match those shown on the landing page. Examples of ads that will be rejected are as follows:

    1. The product that you are promoting on the video is product A, while the product on the landing page is product B.
    2. The ad caption says, "Create Your Own Caricature" while the ad video shows "Meet Your Future Self".
    3. The name displayed on the ad is AA Face Cream, while the product displayed on the landing page is AA Shampoo or CC Face Cream.


  3. The Language Used in The Ad is Ineligible in The Targeted Country

    TikTok has its language terms that are used depending on your ads' targeted country. For instance, advertisers can only use the Thai language when doing advertisement in Thailand. If you use other languages such as English in Thailand, your ads will be rejected by TikTok. If you want to advertise in several countries, then you must pay attention to the languages that are eligible in those countries. For example, Indonesia allows the use of Bahasa and English, Singapore allows the use of Malay, Chinese and English and the Philippines allows advertisements in Tagalog and English. If you decided to advertise in Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines at the same time then you can only use English.

  4. Issues with Caption, Image and Video

    There are several issues with writing, images and videos that make your ad rejected by TikTok. Here are the conditions that you should pay attention to when choosing the text, images and videos of your ad:

    1. The ad caption/text must not contain a spelling or grammar mistake, causing an undesirable user experience, or use symbols incorrectly among the letters.
    2. The ad image must not contain blurry, unclear, or unrecognizable visuals, or use columns/pixels to intentionally partially cover images.
    3. The ad image and video must be legible and of a high resolution.
    4. The ad video duration must be 5 seconds minimum and 60 seconds maximum on TikTok.
    5. The ad video must use the standard video size.
      Aspect RatioResolution
      Vertical (Recommended)9:16720 x 1080
      Square1:1640 x 640
      Horizontal16:91080 x 720
    6. The ad audio must not be of a poor quality, such as containing unclear or unrecognizable sounds, and the information, which appears in the content, must be understandable.


  5. Displaying Prohibited or Restricted Contents

    Content containing illegal drugs, weapons, tobacco products and electronic cigarettes, political, military, discrimination and sexual content is prohibited by TikTok. For content that contains alcohol, gambling & lottery, religion and culture and the use of underage models can be passed but under strict supervision from TikTok. In addition to these product advertisements, advertisements that violate copyright, exaggerate claims, compare products with other brands and displaying explicit images or videos (blood, dirt, torture, etc.) are also prohibited by TikTok.

These are 5 main reasons why your ad was rejected by TikTok. Posting ads will indeed be quite a hassle if we don't understand the rules made by TikTok. To ensure that the advertisements you use are not rejected by TikTok and are on target, you can read about the terms and conditions on the TikTok for Business website or you can use the services of an advertising agency like us. We, Nanyang Bridge Media, is one of the earliest TikTok's authorized partner in Indonesia, you can check our offers regarding TikTok Ads here or simply contact us on our What’s App number: +62-811-1687-832 (Steven)